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Ems antrenmanı, LetsFit

Lets Fit Spor Teknoloji Ltd.Şti. is the franchise founder of Lets Fit Corner, Gold and Premium Exclusive EMS Personal Training Studios in Turkey and TRNC. Lets Fit Ltd. Sti. has been working with many countries in terms of import and export since it was founded. Lets Fit studios, with its distributor LetsFit PRO 10 Wireless Multiuser EMS System and with its ISO 9001 Quality Certificate, provide members with a healthy fitness habit and having a fit and fit body with 20 minutes training program with experienced coaches and dieticians. In addition, LetsFit PRO 10 EMS System, with wireless connectivity features, allowing EMS training to be carried outdoors from the studios and allowing the sport to continue in the open air. Strengthening the muscles of the waist, neck and back under favour of applying special force to the desired muscles during sport, it is also possible to get rid of existing aches. Healthy diet is also offered as part of the Lets Fit program with our dietary program prepared by our expert dietitians.

Our Lets Fit team, carrying out marketing and technical support in Turkey and in the TRNC, also sells LetsFit PRO 10 Wireless EMS system, with special package contents, for Sports Halls, Hotels, Physical Therapy Centers and Beauty Centers (treating cellulite and fissures).


With Letsfit PRO EMS System technology, you can move freely without being connected to any device with cables and train wherever you want. If you wish, you can connect from a tablet or mobile phone. Our renewed software is instantly updated on your devices.

Operating system that can send different pulses to 10 users at the same time

Wireless BTClass One Technology

16 hours of continuous use to Energy Box Lithium batteries

Usage Distance 300m

With the calorie calculation technology, the calorie values in the trainings are recorded.

You can record the personal information and current values of all users and start the next training quickly with the recorded values.


With Letsfit Pro EMS anytime, anywhere, do sports freely at any age !!!

Become an Lets Fit Pro EMS partner and gain a source of stable income

Hello dear partner! We already know each other a bit, so you know that we manufacture and distribute the highest class Pro EMS training equipment. Our solutions are used by fitness clubs, physiotherapist, nutritionist , hotels, pilates studio and personal trainers all over the world - Their feedback confirms that we have achieved something great. However, we don’t want to stop there!

Choose the preferred model of cooperation:


Earn money by selling the highest quality Pro EMS training equipment. Find the customers and leave the rest to us.

We will provide you with all marketing materials and provide knowledge about our devices.


Be one of the pioneers promoting a modern and highly effective way of training. Join the #joinourteam and become an EMS partner

We will help you in training and sales. We provide attractive distribution conditions and we are flexible in cooperation.

Exclusive Distributor

You can be the only person in your country to distribute the Letsfit pro EMS training devices.

Thanks to which you have unlimited sales possibilities.

We support you at every step of the sale. We help organize events and provide the necessary knowledge to become a well-paid partner

What is EMS?

Electro Muscle Stimulation

EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) training is an active, full-body workout that uses a wireless device to stimulate muscle fibres while you exercise, making muscle tissue work harder and more effectively.

The average person uses around 30% of muscle fibres during a regular workout, while top athletes use up to 70% of their muscle fibres. During a full-body Letsfit Pro EMS workout, up to 90% of your muscles are activated, making your workouts more intense and delivering more results in just 20 minutes.

Compared to traditional weight training, EMS training activates deeper muscle groups and helps to correct muscular imbalances in the body. EMS training is also a safer alternative to regular weight training, as there’s no impact on your ligaments or joints.

20 Minutes EMS?

Lose weight

With the Letsfit PRO EMS system, it is now very easy to lose weight, you can lose weight in just 20 minutes in a fit and healthy way.


For occupational pains, chronic pain, tension caused by stress: With the latest technology Lets Fit Pro EMS System we use, we can improve your quality of life and get you in shape without having to move.


Tell us your goal and we'll get you fit. We invite you to a fun journey with LetsFit PRO EMS System to get tight and stay fit.

Burning calories

You don't need to spend long and hard hours in the gym to burn a lot of calories. With the LetsFit Pro EMS system, it is possible to burn 1500 to 3000 calories by activating more than 300 muscles in only 20 minutes!

No weight on joints

LetsFit puts zero weight on the joints, providing maximum and efficient work in the muscles. You don't need to lift heavy weights, suffer pain and risk injury to get results!

With LetsFit PRO EMS technology, it is possible to get into a healthy form in a short time without straining your joint and skeletal system.



10 Different Program



Fat Burn


Hyper Throphy




Lymph Drainage



For Zumba, step, aerobic, jogging lovers, the new generation Cardio current is specially designed for you.


Registering member list and information


Ability to select different program and pulse for each user


Edema is no longer a problem! Thanks to the lymphatic drainage flow, we get rid of the edema from our body


The ultimate EMS experience, even for top athletes, with Performance mod


With the Hyper Throphy training mode of the new generation Letsfit Pro Ems system, you can push the limits of your muscles to the fullest without the risk of injury.

Our team will provide 24/7 service for the smallest possible problem.


Antibacterial neoprene fabric produced with the latest technology

20 carbon rubber electrodes that provide current transmission to every muscle in the body

Electrode cover adjustable for each user "It is enough to wet the covers."

Flexible, aerodynamic and stylish design. Complete freedom of movement with concealed cable system

5 different sizes (XS-S-M-L-XL) adaptable to all users

You can use different NEO Suit options. We offer overalls, jackets and shorts to your preference with their unique design

Where are you?










Technical Specs

Battery weight150g
Equipment size100*70*30mm
Period of use3 year
Battery capacity2650mAh
Charging ratingDC5V—Must be a standard 5V charger
Battery voltage3.8V
Battery Life900 charge and discharge
The output voltage<=160V or <=100V
Output frequency1-120
Output pulse width1-500us
Operating temperature and humidity10℃-40℃,30%-85%RH
Transport and storage temperature and humidity-40℃~55℃,10%RH~93%RH
Operating pressure860-1060hPa

Starter Pack Push your limits grow your business!

Mobile trainer, dietitian, physiotherapist and beauty salons. Are you ready to start increasing your business with EMS?

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 10.1" Tablet
  • Letsfit PRO EMS Tablet Operating System
  • Samsung Cover
  • Wireless Control Module with battery
  • Device bag
  • Neo Suit EMS Training(XS- S-M-L-XL)
  • Underwear Set (XS- S-M-L-XL)
  • Spray bottle
  • Accessories

Duo Pack Now we can do EMS together too!

Family, friend, lover who wants to do EMS freely, now you can be with them too?

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 - 10.5" Tablet
  • Letsfit PRO EMS Tablet & Phone Operating System
  • Samsung Handless Cover
  • Wireless Control Module with battery
  • Device bag
  • Neo Suit EMS Training(XS- S-M-L-XL)
  • Underwear Set (XS- S-M-L-XL)
  • Spray bottle
  • Accessories

Pro Pack Join the professionals!

Gym, studios, group lessons have never been more enjoyable with EMS, the choice of professionals!!!

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 - 10.5" Tablet
  • Letsfit PRO EMS Tablet & Phone Operating System
  • Samsung Handless Cover
  • Wireless Control Module with battery
  • Professional Studio Kiosk
  • Neo Suit EMS Training(XS- S-M-L-XL)
  • Underwear Set (XS- S-M-L-XL)
  • Spray bottle
  • Accessories



1500 - 3000





What is EMS Training?

EMS training, Electrical Muscle Stimulation, cures the main problem of today's people, the problem of not exercising. As a result, many illnesses and risks that could arise from inactivity are prevented. oluyor

EMS (Electro Muscle Stimulation) exercises are performed under the control of a specialist, wearing a special suit and according to a customized program. During other exercises, our brain sends electrical signals to the muscles to stimulate them. In EMS training, the special suit that we wear while we are doing sports sends low frequencies and intense electrical vibrations from the outside in addition to the electrical signals that our brain sends to the muscles. These signals stimulate the muscles contracted during exercise and also stimulate the muscles that are difficult to reach and difficult to work with..

With this method, muscles spend little effort and work with higher performance.  With EMS training (it can take only 20-25 minutes), you can get the same result achieved from other sports for a long session.  In general, with a 20 minute EMS session once a week, you can throw your lashes over and you can enjoy sports and enjoy your muscles.

You can have a healthy, vigorous and vibrant body structure with 20 minutes of short training performed once a week (according to your schedule). You can easily get rid of fat in your belly, excesses on your waist and unwanted cellulite with your exclusive EMS training. You can reach your goal in a short period, save your personal time and finally enjoy the benefit of other relaxing effects on your psychology. It is a natural advantage of the EMS training that you ensure that non-sports people do regular sports and that you are feeling more vigorous and motivated as a natural result.

Official works on this area has shown that there is no harmful effect on healthy people who can physically exercise sports and fitness. On the contrary, there are many benefits. You may have a question as to whether the low-frequency electrical current supplied to the muscles during training can be harmful. Since the current is low frequency, it only activates the skeletal muscles. However, you must be under the control of a qualified trainer and you should be healthy for some conditions to join EMS training.

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ISO 9001
İspanya Menşei
CE Belgesi
SGS Sertifikası
SGS 9001